S5 Single Girder Hoist

S5 Wire Rope Hoist

The Morris S5 Series is the result of decades of research and global market experience. With a modern design profile and optimized load capacities of 2 tons, 3.2 tons, 5 tons, 8 tons and 10 tons, the S5 Series features reliable European-quality hoists available on an accelerated delivery timeline.


The Morris S5 Series features a flexible trolley concept that permits hoist installation on all popular bridge girders, including monorail I-beams, European box girders as well as the Chinese LD Hybrid Girder. This flexibility, combined the S5’s efficient supply chain system, ensures favorable headroom dimensions and fast and on-time delivery.

Permit double girder crane requirement

S5 series fixed hoist not only permits the fixed point lifting requirement, but also can be installed with the trolley on double girder crane with capacity of 5 tons and 10 tons. New and unique design of the structure make the hoist more compact, optimize the operation critical distance. The anchor bolt ensure the hoist more convenient to connect on trolley. Lower weight of hoist make the operation more quiet and stable.

In-house development of key technology securing safety

Our R&D is the key to our thorough understanding of all customer needs. The development of the S5 series was the result of a R&D success story, in which engineers determined that our customers needed a hoist that could be installed on multiple types of bridge girders. The idea for a flexible trolley came via extensive research and testing, and eventually enabled the creation of a new innovative, adaptable hoist: The S5 series.

Special Compact Low Headroom Trolley Configuration

The special trolley configuration is suitable for a variety of girders, and minimizes the overall height of the crane from the top of the lowest constructional parts of the lifting hook to reduce the vertical space needed for crane movement and safety clearances in the building. The overall height for the building is lower; this results in reducing building structural cost due to lower crane profile that can shave a meter from the building’s overall height. Related savings are reflected in heating cost, ventilation, and other system tied to the volume of the building.

Fulfillment to standards

Morris hoists not only comply with numerous international and area specific standards, but are also actively involved in the development and formulation of new, industry wide standards. Being accredited with international and local standards gives Morris’ operations credibility and assures the customer that Morris is a company that prioritizes high quality in its products and customer service.

Heavy duty FEM classification

The overall performance of the Morris wire rope hoist's product duty group has improved. This means the hoists boast a much longer product lifetime and are more reliable. The designs of the hoist have FEM M5 classification as standard. This increases the reliability and extends the working life of the hoist in its normal use, giving you an improved return on your investment.

Tested high quality, European design based components

Standard components, e.g. our induction motors, gears and motors, are serially manufactured, tested European components. Components go though endurance testing in the development phase and are under strict quality control in the manufacturing phase. Tested components provide the customer with the best possible end product, making the components more reliable. Tested standard components also allow short delivery times for spare parts when needed, minimizing the crane service time. No short cuts in quality!

Two speed control for accurate positioning of the trolley and hoisting movements

The hoist and trolley control system is designed to respond well to operator commands. There are smooth starts and stop features that hoist and trolley can have to help improve the positioning accuracy. Increased positioning accuracy and highly responsive hoist control improves the safety of the customer’s process. This makes the process operation smooth and efficient, increasing process performance and productivity.


Due to the modular product structure and serial production of all key components, Morris products have no one-off parts. All spare parts are standardized and readily available with one of the fastest average response times on the market. Standardized components enable high availability of cost-effective spare parts. Our worldwide networks ensure the spare parts can be obtained wherever needed to reduce equipment downtime and increase each customer’s production productivity.